Chicken White Karahi Recipe

Karahi is actually a cooking pot in which different dishes are prepared. One traditional dish of sub-continent is named over it called Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi or Beef karahi In pakistan and India this dish is famous because of its delicious spicy taste. Pakistanis usually don’t use onions and capsicum while both of them are used in India. It is easy to cook dish which can be cooked in 30 min to 40 minutes. Karahi is usually served with Tandoori roti or naan which ads to the taste of karahi. There are several methods of cooking karahi and there are several types of karahis. Karahi is actually spicy dish but now a days a new type of karahi White karahi has gained popularity. It is also called Chicken Badami. This karahi has taste different than its traditional spicy karahi. Rather butter and cream is used which gives it unique taste and it’s gravy is thick. People who don’t like to eat spicy karahi and like it creamy and buttery. This karahi is best choice for them. As this karahi is little different from the traditional karahi so not many people know the way to cook this karahi.

White Karahi Recipe in Urdu

This website provide you the most delicious and tested recipe for chicken white karahi which you can coo under 30-40 minutes only. Talking about nutritious facts this karahi has high amount of fats and cholesterol so it is recommended to eat in low amount to keep it healthy. Unlike normal karahi it is usually served with Roghni Naan and no salad or raita is eaten with this karahi as it is self-sufficient.