Trend of food streets in Lahore, Pakistan

Usually street is referred to a place where people live, have residence and can have business offices. Similarly, Food Street is an area that is especially constructed for restaurants, cafes and other eating place. People of Pakistan love food very much and are addicted to tasty and spicy foods. Here cooking is a common hobby of both men and women so Pakistan have world best chefs too. Here the trend of Food Street is very common. Lahore is very famous for its tasty food and food streets.

People who want to taste variety of food under one specific place should choose Food Street because here you can find all traditional variety of food. Lahore has two famous food streets and whenever the foreigners and outsiders visit Lahore they never forget to visit these kind of places that are famous in the world due to their specific taste.

Gawalmandi Food Street Lahore

Gawalmandi is derived from the term “gawal” which are the people who sell milk and are associated with the business of dairy and milk. It is a very famous food street in Pakistan where you can find the best and tasty variety of all Desi and traditional Pakistani food. From food to all dairy products you can find here the best and tasty dishes in very economical price. People of India, Bangladesh, and China also love to visit this place whenever they visit Pakistan.

Anarkali Food Street Lahore

Another famous place for food is Anarkali Food Street in Lahore. Although this place is famous for shopping but here you can find world’s best taste and food. This place is famous for marriages shopping, dowry shopping and general shopping. So, whenever people visit this place for shopping they also enjoy best food along with the shopping.

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