Sweet Dishes Recipes in Urdu

Sweet Dish which also called as dessert consists of sweet foods and is usually served after main meals. The word dessert is a French originated that means to clear the table. People of Pakistan loves to take sweet dishes after meal. Sweet dishes in Pakistan are usually served with tea or coffee after meals. Pakistani sweet food recipes are famous all over the world. Tea and coffee is usually served with cookies, biscuits and cakes. On the events of marriage ice cream is served because ice cream is loved by people of all ages in Pakistan. Ice cream is generally considered as frozen dessert. In some parts of Pakistan sweet soup is also served before and after some meals.

Pakistani Sweet Dishes Recipes

Pakistani Sweet dishes recipes include gajar ka halwa, sweet kheer, and sheer khurma. Gajar ka halwa is famous sweet dish of winters that is served with tea, coffee and green tea. On some religious events like Eid sweet dishes are made and served with the passions. Similar on events of happiness like birthday and marriages people of Pakistan never forgot to share the best and different sweet food with their relatives and friends.

Deep fried desserts are also much famous in Asia especially in Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh. Gulab Jamun is best example of deep fried that is eaten all over the world. Jellies, Custard, Cheese cake, Fresh cream cake are also eaten in Asia.