Spegaties Recipe in Urdu

Spaghetti is one of the most famous long, thin noodles like chinese dish. Usually spaghetti were too long but small ones got popularity during late 20’s. They are mostly available in 25-30 cm length. As it is chinese dish so there is no concept of being spicy for spaghetti rather it has taste salty taste with black pepper.

Spaghetti has gained popularity in Pakistan in recent years but not everyone knows the real way of cooking spaghetti. Spaghetti is not really easy to cook. It requires good amount of effort and expertise to cook tasty spaghetti.Vegetables which are not commonly used in cooking are used in cooking spaghetti like chinese carrot, salt etc.
But this dish is worth effort. Spaghetti is not used as main course but as a side dish as it is very light and can be used as appetizer. Spaghetti is served with tomato sauce mostly. In US spaghetti were first offered in restaurants in 19th century while it came to asian countries later. Not in Pakistan but some countries sell cooked spaghetti in cans but it has no competition with freshly cooked spaghetti. There are usually no servings with spaghetti other than sauces.

Chicken Spaghetti Recipe Pakistani

Spaghetti are eaten with wooden stick in china but in countries like Pakistan usually forks are used for spaghetti. This website teaches you the most convenient way of cooking spaghetti in under 30 minutes. Not much sources teaches you the best way of cooking spaghetti but all the recipes which are shown on this websites are tested by the professionals and are guaranteed to be hygiene and tasty.

Talking about nutritious facts spaghetti contains very low amount of fat and good amount of carbs and proteins making it healthier.