Chicken Chinese Soup Recipe in Urdu

Chicken soup is liquid food that is cooked along with vegetables, chicken, Prawns, fish or any other meat. Chicken Soup is also used by Pakistani mothers as a remedy for their children. Chicken soup is also used to treat conditions of common cold, cough and general weakness. Soup is also recommended for a person who undergoes any kind of injury or operation. So, along with healing properties you can enjoy the best and tasty chicken soup because it’s very health for you.

Find delicious and mouthwatering soup recipes in Urdu. Searching for Chinese soup recipes in Urdu? We have best and tasty soup recipes for you.

Usually chicken corn soup and vegetable soup is very common in Pakistan and is served with some sauces like soy sauce and chill sauce. Chili dipped in vinegar is also served with traditional Pakistani Soup. Making soup is one of the easiest options when you don’t have much time or you are feeling cold. Soup is the usually used in winters and cold areas of Pakistan. Now some companies are also offering packet made soups that can be easily cooked within 10 – 15 minutes only.

Soup Recipes in Urdu

People of all ages love soup. From a child to an adult soup is favorite dish of all and is also recommended by Pakistani doctors during the season of winter. According to some herbal and homeopathic doctors chicken soup increase immunity powers in human. You can find here the best soup recipes in Urdu that are tasty and Healthy