Chicken Pulao Recipe

Pulao is the most famous and most cooked dish also known as Pilaf. It was originated from sub-continent but gain most of its popularity in Pakistan. Pulao is non-spicy in taste unlike biryani. Youth mostly like spices so they prefer biryani but most of grown people like pulao.Pulao can be served to little kids who are not to be exposed to spices.Pulao is usually prepared by broth which is non-spicy. Taste and smell of broth is what gives pulao unique taste. Pulao is served in pakistan at all levels from 1 star hotel to 5 star restaurant.

Pulao can be prepared in different kind of meat like chicken, beef, mutton etc. pulao gains the yellowish-brown color of the broth. Pulao is eaten in Middle East, South Asia, East Africa and is considered as national dishin Afghan, Bangladeshi, Balochi, Indian, Pakistani and Kurdish.

Chicken Pulao Recipe in Urdu

Pulao is served at events like marriage and parties in Pakistan. Pakistani weddings are considered incomplete without the pulao as main course .Pulao is served with many things like simple salad, kachumber salad, raita etc which ads in the taste of pulao. Talking about nutritious facts as pulao is prepared from broth so it has good amount of calories but zero cholesterol mostly it contains fat and proteins. There are many types of pulao like kashmiri pulao, turkish pulao,soya pulao etc. General and most famous way are available at this website.

Pulao is not easy to cook but not difficult either and it takes time of 30-50 minutes. This website teaches you the easiest way of cooking pulao guaranteeing health and taste. All dishes which are taught on this website are tested by professionals and are highly hygiene.