Nihari Recipe

Nihari word is actually a derivative of Nihar meaning “Morning or day”. It got it name because in past it was used to be served after sunrise. Nihari is stew which is cooked on low heat. Meat used in it usually beef with bone-marrow. But if someone doesn’t eat beef then chicken can also be used instead of beef. The origin of this dish is Punjab which dates back to Mughal empire. Main component includes Chicken, beef, bone marrow, or mutton. In Pakistan Nihari is popular and is served at normal hotels. Usually gravy of Nihari is kept thick and Khamiri Roti is used with Nihari which makes it more delicious to consume. The seasoning of Nihari is much more similar to seasoning of Haleem including ginger, lemon, and green chili. Nihari is main course and can be eaten in breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. But in past it was started as a breakfast item.

Nihari Recipe in Urdu

The Nawabs used to eat it after morning-prayer so it got popular among labour class as breakfast. Before Pakistan Nihari was traditional dish of muslims and was famous in Delhi, Lahore and Lucknow. After creation of Pakistan when people migrated to Pakistan mainly in Lahore, Karachi and eastern wing (which is now Bangladesh) they made restaurants there and hence nihari is also famous in that areas. As Nihari is made differently in different areas so there many types of Nihari and Hyderabad nihari is most famous variation of Nihhari. Nihari has its advantages and can be used to fight against fever and common cold. It is not much difficult to cook but may take time to get meat cooked entirely.