Chicken Korma Recipe

Korma is also dish of sub-continent consisting of meat or vegetable lightly fried in yogurt, water and spices to produce thick sauce. This word has been originated from urdu word called Kormah meaning “Braise”. This dish actually came from mughals and can be traced back to its roots in 16th century. Now a days korma is very famous in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Korma is usually prepared in chicken but some people make korma in beef or mutton. There are many styles of cooking korma and on this website we show you the most delicious and general way of cooking korma. In UK korma is served in curry houses but that dish is slightly spiced with thick gravy. The other type of korma is Navratan korma and it is prepared vegetables and either nuts or paneer. The name navratan means nine gems so this type of korma contains 9 types of vegetables. In azerbaijan korma is spelled as qovurma and has several types of qovurma like lamb qovurma, liver qovurma and vegetable qovurma etc. The technique called bagar is used in making of korma. Korma is usually eaten with naan or khameeri roti which ads in the taste of korma.

Chicken Korma Recipe in Urdu

Usually there is no seasoning for korma but still it varies from person to person or place to place as some people use ginger as seasoning. In pakistan korma has gained much popularity in recent years as it is  prepared on several events like parties and buffets. Everyone loves korma. Making gravy of korma requires skills as it can ruin the taste of korma if not well-prepared. This website teaches people to cook korma under 30 minutes guaranteeing the taste and health. The most easiest and delicious way  of cooking are taught in this website.