Haleem recipe in urdu

Haleem which is also known as Daleem is very famous in Subcontinent, Central Asia and Middle East. There are many variations in preparation of dish but main things are wheat or barley, lentils and meat (cheicken, beef or mutton).  Actually haleem has been originated from Arabian dish known as harees. And first recipe for hares was written in 10th century by this thing you can estimate the ancientness of this dish. This dish is culturally important for Muslims. Haleem is sold throughout the year especially in Ramadan and Muharram. In India Muslim prepare haleem in Hyderabad and that recipe of there is called Hyderabad Haleem it is sent throughout the world through special courier service.

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It is also very popular in Bangladesh. In Pakistan Haleem is very common and sell as snack food in the streets. Haleem is one thing but seasoning of haleem is another thing. Haleem is considered incomplete without its seasoning or you can say seasoning is what makes haleem distinguish itself from other dishes out there. Seasoning of Haleem includes lemon, fried onion, ginger, green chili, mint and coriander. Haleem is usually eaten with simple naan or Roghni naan which adds to the taste of haleem.

Chicken Haleem Recipe in Urdu

It may be very common to be sold out in streets but it is not easy at all to cook. It requires great amount of effort to cook Haleem. Especially it take god amount of power as well as time during mixing of lentils completely. It takes easily more than an hour to cook haleem. But on this website we teach the convenient way of cooking haleem. All the dishes on this website are tested and are guaranteed to be healthy.