Gajar ka Halwa Recipe

Gajar ka Halwa is most famous sweet dish in Pakistan. It is used in many events like marriages and parties. The best season for eating Gajar ka Halwa is winter season. It can be served as both hot and cold. But hot Gajar ka Halwa in winter season makes it more delicious to be consumed. This dish is versatile and liked by people of all ages with no restriction. Main ingredients in Gajar ka Halwa is carrot, oil, sugar, water etc. The place of origin for this dish is mainly North India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Gajar ka halwa was introduced by Mughals and has been derived from Arabic word “halwa” meaning “sweet”. It is highly associated with Punjab but we are not sure whether it was originated in Punjab or not. There are many variations in type of halwa depending upon countries but most common variation is red velvet halwa which also contains rose water in addition. Other variations are beetroot Halwa and cheesy carrot Halwa .Generally it contains sugar but its non-sugar variation is also available. As it is made up of carrots so there are plenty of advantages of which carrot carries. But it also contains fats but that can be managed according to yourself by alternating the amount of ghee and other ingredients.

It is served with garnished pistachios, almonds or nuts. This dish is however not easy to prepare it may take upto 50 minutes to cook depending upon time of garnishing you take. On this website most convenient way of cooking Gajar ka halwa has been shown and recipes are guaranteed to be hygiene and healthy and are tested by professionals.

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe in Urdu

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