Fried Chicken Recipe

Chicken is most popular type of meat which is renowned all over the world and there are infinite dishes that can b prepared from chicken so chicken is considered as universal meat. One of the dishes prepared by chicken alone is fried chicken. Fried chicken consist of small chicken pieces covered in crispy layer and fried in oil. Fried chicken is common in all countries. It is served in all fast food restaurants. Fried is very popular among children.

Find spicy and delicious fried chicken recipe in Urdu. Easy to cook fried chicken recipe in Urdu tested by the professional cook.

The first famous dish which used as deep fried was fritters but it was in middle ages now fried chicken is used as popular deep fried dish. This dish is crispy, crunchy and juicy. It can be made spicy or salty and very rarely served with chili like paprika and hot sauce. It is very famous in Pakistan there are many competing restaurant which make fried chicken some of them are KFC (which is famous worldwide), Fri chiks, McDonald (also famous worldwide) etc.

Fried Chicken Recipe in Urdu

Fried chicken is served on many events in Pakistan and sometimes used in marriages and considered as special dish. It can be easily prepared in 20 minutes (excluding pre preparations).
Nutritious facts of fried chicken are not so healthy as it contains high amount of fats and some cholesterol too. Most of the time fried is served with simple naan , Roghni naan and some time
alone. Fried chicken can b served with salad and raita. Taste of fried chicken can be varied depending upon depending on the masala applied. On this website we teach you most tasty way of cooking fried chicken. All recipes are tested by professionals and are guaranteed to be hygiene.