Foods to have for a strong cardiovascular system

To have a strong heart in your cardiovascular system is a herculean task and it needs your undivided attention because if you have a weak heart; you’d probably be dead soon. Your heart is a standing pillar in your existence because it gives your body life – varying from the transportation of oxygen to your virile immune system. For instance, your blood pressure is one of the main responsibility of your heart and it needs to be maintained. High blood pressure, or hypertension can make you obese.

High blood pressure can place pressure on walls of your arteries increasing the risk of damage to your blood vessels. Similar is the case with cholesterol because LDL cholesterol makes it difficult for heart to pump blood through the affected arteries and it can increase the chances of cardiovascular damage.

Here are some foods for a strong heart . . .


Almonds are a rich source of vitamin B2, zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. Vitamin B and magnesium is a great help in producing serotonin; which helps regulate your mood. Zinc has some positive force to fight against stress and vitamin E is an antioxidant that annihilates the free radicals related to stress and heart diseases.


They are considerably the largest source of proteins than any other plant food on the face of earth. Beans are complete package of vitamin B, iron and, most importantly, calcium. Beans also provide you a considerable amount of fiber to make your stomach strong, goes through intestines and soaks cholesterol.

Citrus fruits and blackberries

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which has a direct link with lower risk of heart diseases and malaises. Fruits like cherries, strawberries, mangoes, oranges and peaches are good for healthy heart. They provide antioxidants and vitamin C, they are low in sugar with zero percent fat. Similarly, blackberries are a good source of fiber which can help in cramps and constipation.


Many careful studies state that daily consumption of chocolate can reduce heart attacks and strokes in people. This delicious thing is made up of 60-70% cocoa and it helps you in blood pressure, blood clotting and inflammation. Eating 6 ounces of dark chocolate a day will lower bad cholesterol in your body.

Leafy greens and beef

Amazing foods like spinach, kale, turnip tops and other green vegetables provide a lot of vitamin C and iron to your body. Both these things are essential to have strong hair and bones. Beef is potentially a stress buster because it is full of zinc, vitamin B and iron; all prominently known for keeping you calm and relax.

What is more, Soy, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, walnuts, whole grains, nuts, green tea, avocado and pomegranate can play a significant role in your healthy heart.

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