Fast Food Recipes in Urdu

Searching for tasty fast food recipes in Urdu? Find here the latest and delicious Pakistani fast food recipes. Best and spicy fast food recipes.

What is Fast Food?

The easiest definition of fast food is the food that is cooked and served quickly as compared to other traditional food items i.e. Desi food. Burgers, pizza and French fries are most examples of fast food. This type of food is usually served with soft drinks. There are many famous restaurants in Pakistan that offer tasty fast food.

Fast foods are cooked quickly as compared to other foods but these should be eaten with some precautions because of the facts that they have high amount of saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugar and calories which can be unhealthy for human body.

Doctors and physicians usually recommend taking fast food maximum once or twice a week. As we all know that excess of everything is bad. Same is the case with fast food. A person who is habitual of taking fast food should also have a regular plan of exercise and fat burning.

Pakistani Fast Food Recipes in Urdu

In Pakistan pizza, fried chicken, zinger burgers, shawerma are most famous fast foods. You can enjoy different flavors with variety of sausages. Pizza is usually prepared with combination of cheese like cheedar cheese and mozrella cheese. To get more taste extra sausages and ketchups are used.