Easy Dum Aloo Recipe

Aloo or potato is main ingredient of this dish. Dum aloo is main dish of Kashmir valley.Potatoes are mostly used with other dishes like aloo palak, aloo gobi etc and it makes good partner with every dish. However potatoes can be used separately like in finger chips. But for this dis potatoes are usually cut in round manner before cooking.This is one of the most simplest dishes and what newbie learn during their first experience. This dish can be cooked under 20 minutes easily. There is nothing fancy about this dish but it is surely very tasty and healthy dish. This dish can be made spicy to increase the taste but normally people keep it less spicy which is the original taste of this dish.

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Dum Aloo has gain popularity in India as most of the Indians are vegetarians so dum aloo is the best dish for them to eat. In india this dish is made with red chili powder, vegetable oil , coriander powder, ginger, curry leaves and salt. It is usually served with pori aur roti which increases the taste of this dish. This dish is usually used as side dish but there is nothing wrong for using it as main course.

Dum Aloo Recipe in Urdu

Talking about nutritious facts as everybody knows that potato contains fats and carbs so this dish is rich in carbohydrates and can fulfil your daily need for fats and carbohydrates. As potatoes contains sufficient amount of fibers too so this dish can help fighting against cholesterol but amount of oil shall be kept low. The general way of cooking dum aloo has been shown on this page and recipe is highly hygiene and healthy.