Desi Food Recipes in Urdu

Find latest and delicious desi food recipes. Looking for desi Pakistani food recipes in Urdu? Find best and spicy mouthwatering desi food recipes.

Desi food means pure and typical Pakistani cuisine that includes chicken Pulao, Biryani, Haleem and much more. Desi foods are mostly eaten in Pakistan. In villages, rural areas and cities desi cuisines are much popular due to their mouthwatering taste and fragrance. Pakistan Desi food is very famous in whole world including the European countries like Unites States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

Whenever the foreigners including Asians visit Pakistan their foremost priority is to eat local Pakistani food which is also called Desi cuisine.
There are many food streets in Pakistan that offer Desi Pakistani cuisine. Anarkali and Gawalmandi food streets are the most famous one. These places are always filled with local people and foreigners.

Pakistani Desi Food Recipes in Urdu

If you talk about typical Pakistani Khanay than most notable foods are Desi foods that are loved by everyone. Although young generation is mostly addicted to the fast foods but they also love desi foods equally. Desi food is mostly served with wheat roti or chapatti and also has fewer amounts of saturated fats as compared to Fast food items.

In Sub continent including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh wheat flour is used to cook roti or chapatti. Wheat has high amount of dietary fiber that is good for health, relives constipation and is healthy for digestive system. People of sub-continent believes that pure wheat chapatti increase the immunity power in the body of human. That’s why a person usually eats 3-6 roti per day on an average with the Desi food.

Trend of Serving Desi Foods on Special Occasions

Whether you are going to arrange a marriage ceremony, birthday party, religious event or any get-togethers fast food is always the first priority of people. On the occasion of marriages usually Biryani or pulao is served with Korma. Chicken and mutton korma is mostly served along with roti, salad and chapattis.
Our website is especially created for the people that are away from Pakistan and want to cook Desi Pakistani Food. We have variety of desi food cuisines for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in America, United Kingdom or Canada just visit our website to get most tasty and best Desi Food Recipes in Urdu language.
The primary purpose of creating this website is to help foreigners and outsiders who want to cook Desi Pakistani foods at their homes or restaurants. Our all recipes are already tested by the local housewives and professional chefs to. So, you can feel free to try our any desi food recipe in Urdu at your home. You can get the taste of typical desi Pakistani cuisine at our own place.
Desi food in Pakistan is usually cooked with combination of specific local spices, herbs, vegetables, meat along with some other items.