Common Causes of Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is actually the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels inside the body of human. High level of blood pressure is very common among the people even some youngsters and children are also suffering from it. Women are also suffering from this disease especially in under developing countries.

High levels of blood pressure can be very dangerous for your life. High blood pressure is a fatal disease that can lead to heart attack, brain stroke and many other disease. Here are some common factors of high blood pressure.

Some common causes of blood pressure

  • Use of excess salt in you daily diet can increase your blood pressure.
  • Use of excess sugar is also not good for health and can cause a high blood pressure.
  • Smoking is very injurious to health as it can cause cancer, heart attack and increased blood pressure.
  • Extra stress, continual loneliness and depression can also increase the blood pressure level and that can be very dangerous for your life.
  • Poor diet like extra use of fast foods like burgers, pizza etc. can also cause blood pressure.
  • Use of drugs and narcotics is also very bad for health and can cause blood pressure. Excessive use of alcohol is a common cause of disease.
  • Obesity is also a major reason of excessive blood strain.
  • Lack of exercise and poor life style is a general and most know cause of every disease specially heart attack and high blood pressure levels.
  • Usually doctors recommend that a person should sleep at least 6 – 8 hours a day for healthy life. Insufficient and poor sleep can also lead to high blood stress levels.
  • Even anger and extra noise is also a cause of high blood pressure among people.
  • Extra work burden can also increase the level of blood flow.

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