Delicious Chinese Food Recipes in Urdu

Chinese Recipes in Urdu

As it is evident from the name that Chinese dishes are originated from china and Chinese cuisine is important part of Chinese culture. Seasoning on Chinese dishes and method of preparation depends on historical background. Famous Chinese dishes are Spaghetti, Manchurian, Soup, Chow mein, chop stick, Gong Bao Chicken, wontons, dumplings, sweet and sour pork, egg fried rice etc. Chinese dishes are not only restricted to china but prepared all over the world. Pakistani people also love Chinese dishes and these dishes are cooked in almost every restaurant in Pakistan. Many Chinese dishes are served with egg fried rice like chicken manchurian.

Searching for Chinese recipes in Urdu? Find here Chinese food recipes with chicken. Latest collection of Pakistani Chinese food recipes.
Chinese dishes are very delicious but not easy to cook as it need good amount of effort in cooking. Taste of these dishes can be ruined if not properly cooked so there is need for paying attention while cooking Chinese dishes. however , Chinese dishes contain good amount of fats, carbohydrates and calories which are both good and bad bad health for health if consumed in higher amount.

Chinese Food Recipes with Chicken

Pakistan has always been fascinated by Chinese dishes and these dishes gained popularity in Pakistan in late 90’s but it now popular all over Pakistan. This website made it easy to cook Chinese dishes with same delicious taste all Chinese recipes shown on this website are very easy to cook. People of Pakistan don’t know the recipe for Chinese foods because it is not native dish of Pakistanis. Fortunate for all those people now there is an official website providing hygiene , easy to cook , healthy and delicious recipes. Learn to cook Chinese dishes in under 30 min.