Chicken Manchurian Recipe

Chicken Manchurian is Chinese dish which has gain much popularity in Pakistan in recent years and is liked by most of the people in Pakistan. Migrants of china has developed a distinct taste of Pakistani Chinese cuisine. Manchurian is actually an area in north Asia which is now known as north china. Chicken Manchurian is originated from that area. There are not much Chinese dishes which are made in Pakistan but Manchurian is special. Manchurian is actually sweet n sour type of dish. And ketchup and chicken is main ingredient in chicken Manchurian recipe. But chicken Manchurian is not complete recipe as it is not eaten alone not at least not in Pakistan. Egg fried rice or chicken fried rice are served with Manchurian which makes this recipe complete. Former one suits better with chicken Manchurian though. If Manchurian is served as hot as possible it will make it possibly the tastiest as it will grow thicker if gets any less hot.

Chicken Manchurian Recipe in Urdu

Manchurian is almost served in every restaurant in Pakistan it may be 1 star hotel or 5 star restaurant. Its popularity doesn’t make it easier to cook a bit. There are many variation in recipes of chicken Manchurian that might be easy to cook but if you want to make tasty chicken Manchurian it will take not less than an hour to be prepared. The people who like Chinese food they must try this recipe for chicken Manchurian. This website teaches the easiest way of cooking chicken Manchurian guaranteeing the taste and health and all the recipes which are shown on this website are tested.