Dal Chana Recipe in Urdu

Dal is term used in subcontinent for split dried pulses .Dal are most common in India, pakistan, bangladesh, nepal etc. Dal is usually eaten with chapati or rice and is source for protein. The outer hull is ripped off and the inner thing is called dal Outer hull is called chilka in urdu> There are many types of dal like dal moong, dal chana, dal mash etc. The most famous of all dals is dal chana. It is also used to make sweet dish like dal chana ka halwa. Dal chana can be prepared in chicken, mutton or beef.

Mostly dal chana is eaten with rice. Preparation of dal is quite simple and most of them starts with boiling of dal. This website provides you the method of preparing the dal in most delicious way. Many people don’t know the way of cooking even simple dishes or the way they are not tasty enough. Just follow the steps shown on this page and you will be able to cook most tasty dal chana under 30 min. Dal chana is cheap dish to prepare and is cooked in many houses.

Pakistani Chane ki Daal  Recipe

Pakistani people also like dal chana as it is most delicious among all dals. Dal chana is not only delicious but also good for your health as it provides you good amount of protein which is very necessary in daily life. Average daily need of protein for each person is 55 gram and dal can provide 6.8 gram, served with chapati which contains 11.5 gram it makes 18.3 grams of total proteins in one meal which is very higher percentage compared to other meals. Many people also use salad with dal making it more nutritious and healthy.

All the recipes shown at this website are very hygiene, easy to cook and healthy.