Is Fish Oil good for you?

Do you know what fish oil is and why fish oil capsules are used by people? Fish oil is actually the oil that is derived or extracted from the tissues of fish that is usually an oily fish. It contain omega 3 fatty acids and is usually good for human health if used with precaution. People use fish oil for many purposes especially in USA and Canada people use fish oil as a health supplement. Fish oil is also recommended by the European and doctors of United Kingdom but there are some precautions that you should know before using fish oil. There are some pros and cons that we would discuss below.

How you would know that is Fish oil good for you?

Now the question is that how would you know that is fish oil good for you or not than you must check the following points. After reading these points you can decide that major benefits and side effects of using fish oil supplement

Benefits of Fish Oil

  • It lowers the blood pressure in human body that is good for the patients of high blood pressure
  • It is beneficial for the hearth health. Studies have revealed that if you take fish oil than you have less chance of sudden heart attack or heart failure.
  • Fish oil is also use to treat various mental disorders
  • Fish Oil may help you to reduce your body weight and fat
  • It is also good for vision and eye health
  • In many counties like USA, UK and Canada fish oil is used to reduce inflammation and liver fat in human body. It is also used to treat anxiety and depression
  • Fish oil is also beneficial and healthy for you nail, skin and hair
  • Fish oil is also used by the pregnant women
  • It is good for the patients of asthma
  • It is also good for children due to omega 3 fatty acids
  • People who are suffering from osteoporosis and other bone disease can get lot of benefits from the fish oil
  • Amount of omega 3s present in fish oil can reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Some studies have also revealed that fish oil increase the immunity power in the human body

Side effects and precautions to take before using fish oil

  • Fish oil can cause the following side effects too.
  • Fish oil cause fishy taste and fishy breathe that is not recommended for the persons who do not like fish.
  • It can cause an upset stomach, vomiting, nausea or loose stools.
  • People who have low blood pressure complaint should use it with serious precautions.

Still confused that fish oil is good for your heath or not?

Fish oil is one of the most consumed supplement in USA and Canada and people are getting good health benefits from it. Without any doubt fish oil has many health benefits and you can use it but you must consult your physician or nutritionist before using it. Especially if you are allergic to some product than you should consult your physician before using the fish oil

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