Pakistani Khanay:

Cooking is basically technique of preparing food with or without using of heat. Methods of preparation of food varies from country to country. Even in same country people prefer different techniques of preparation of food, but type of dishes prepared in some country are same. Different methods of cooking food includes grilling over open fire, cooking food on stove or oven etc. Among all the countries Pakistani food recipes are most famous and delicious among all the countries.

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Pakistani food is prepared all over  the world. However the one thing that may be considered as deleterious in pakistani foods is spice. Pakistani people prefer spices in their food and spices are what make Pakistani khanay so delicious.

Pakistani food recipes are developed such that they make food nutritious and healthy. People who eat Pakistani khanay stay healthy and strong.Pakistani food recipes contain everything that is necessary for daily routine. Many people all over the world are eagerly wants to learn to prepare pakistani food. Pakistani food recipes are shown on Pakistani TV shows but people who are abroad and can not watch Pakistani channel can easily learn through this website how to cook Pakistani Khanay.

This website has been created to assist people in learning Pakistani food recipes in Urdu sitting anywhere in the world. Moreover the advantage of this website is that it provides Pakistani food recipes in urdu language as many Pakistani people don’t know english language so for their convenience Pakistani khanay in urdu are provided.

Pakistani Food Recipes in Urdu

Majority of Pakistan likes spices but still there are many people who don’t prefer spices so the scope of this website is not only restricted to Pakistani food recipes in urdu but it also provide other dishes like chinese dishes in urdu language, which are non spicy.

Taste of food can vary chiefly and can be ruined if the recipe is not correct. This website provides the tested food recipes with less calories and fats as that of home-cooking but quality taste as that of commercial cooking. If you also want to learn Pakistani food recipes in urdu you have come to right place.

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